Mini Category Cabs – Tata Vista, Swift, Toyota Liva or equivalent.
Sedan Category Cabs – Tata Manza , Maruti Swift Dezire, Toyota Etios or equivalent.
7-Seater Cabs – Mahindra Xylo, Chevrolet Tavera or equivalent.
T&C Applied.

About Khambhat

Khambhat/Khambat — is connected with the Kambojas. Some people believe that the town of Khambhat may be the Camanes of Ptolemy. Lieutenant-Colonel James Tod believes that the name comes from the Sanskrit Khambavati or ‘City of the Pillar’.

The most accepted belief is that ‘Khambhat’ is made up of two words: ‘Khambh’ and ‘Aayat’. Khambh means pole or pillar and aayat means import in Gujarati language. It is believed that there has to be some pole, which must have been an identity for this city and as it was a glorious port, import/export trade was at the extreme.

Khambhat has warm and humid climate. It is located on the plains. The land on which Khambhat sits is the silt deposited by Mahi river, so Khambhat has very fertile, wet coastal alluvial soil.

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